For Audience

Manual: eng | rus

How to attend seminars?
  • One needs to download Zoom (from here), install it and register;
  • To register for the Colloquium, use the registration form. Be sure to save the link you received when registering for the Zoom Colloquium! It will give you access to all meetings. Clicking on the link in your browser will automatically launch Zoom.
Our rules:
  • Please mute yourself while you are listening a talk;
  • Don’t wait when the chair will ask about questions! Use "Chat" and "Raise hand" buttons to ask a question (see manual: eng | rus).
  • If possible, switch on video; It’s easier for a speaker to see a reaction of the audience
 Other notes:
  • Be aware that there are two rounds of questions.
       The first one is after ~20 minutes of a talk (after introduction). You can ask some basic things at this moment.
      The second one is after the talk.
  • We always ask the lecturer to come to a breaking room after the seminar. You can discuss some private questions there. The link to the breaking room is at the home page.